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Learn more about the criteria used to evaluate your submission.

Judging Criteria

The basis upon which winners will be selected is described below.

  1. Intervention(s) (35 points): Extent to which the entry clearly describes a) the identified gaps and/or barriers and b) the interventions that have been implemented to address these and led to enhanced DEIA outcomes within the faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and student bodies. For partnership entries, extent to which the submission clearly describes the rationale for the partnership including governance, structure, roles, responsibilities, and activities.
  2. Outcomes (50 points): Effectiveness of the interventions at achieving sustained DEIA and cultural change within the institution, and the impact that sustained change has had on the faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and student bodies. Extent to which the interventions have been translated feasibly to larger scale efforts within the institution or at a different institution. For partnership entries, extent to which the interventions resulted in positive, sustained, and equitable change at each of the institutions and as an integrated community.
  3. Innovation (15 points): Creativity/uniqueness of the approach to define gaps and the interventions implemented to address these.

Winners Selection

Entries that are responsive and comply with the requirements will be reviewed by a panel of judges of federal employees with relevant expertise. Responsive and compliant entries will be scored in accordance with the judging criteria outlined above. A detailed description of the minimum standards for each criterion are outlined in the requirements. Failure to meet a minimum standard for any one criterion may disqualify a submission. Informed by results after judging panel review, up to 10 winners will be selected. Up to five of these awards will go to limited-resource institutions. The award approving official will be Marie A. Bernard, MD, Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity (COSWD).  

Disclaimer: Undergraduate/AREA-eligible Institutions who do not have postdoctoral scholars will not be evaluated on ability to demonstrate effective interventions, outcomes, and innovation in addressing DEIA at the postdoctoral level.

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